Hisami Reiko

Hisami Reiko was born with the ability to see people’s subtle energy – inside and around the body.

During the session, Hisami reads energy of the client, connects them with the energy they need, disconnects them unnecessary energy, and adjusts the flow of energy.

While correcting any interruptions in the person’s energy flow, she helps the client clear unhealthy patterns of attachment in their everyday life and helps them discover their purpose. In this way, the client can more easily sense and choose the right path in life by themselves and move forward with new courage and confidence.

During the session, the future is not indicated by the means of “fortune-telling”, and Hisami does not encourage people to avoid difficulties. Instead she gives advice from perspective of the client’s learning and development of the individual’s higher self as she adjusts their energy flow.

Often clients have questions about which direction to go – right or left? Or which choices to make – good or bad? Hisami recommends focusing on the quality of their energy rather than on the outcome. She helps the client by acknowledging their inner resources and capabilities. This empowers the individual to steer the course within their own life towards peaceful happiness rather then relying on the advice of another.

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Sedona Healing Experience

Hisami Reiko travels often to Sedona, Arizona, for her own healing, inspiration, and rejuvenation. While in Sedona, she offers individuals their own private Sedona healing experience.

Hisami will accompany you to the Sedona vortex areas which have the most powerful energies for you. Then Hisami will adjust your energy, giving any necessary attunement and releasing stuck energy.

This unique setting combines Hisami’s abilities and the vortex energies of Sedona to bring you a powerful healing experience.


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